Introduction to the Introduction of Digital History

It seems that a blog post is required, which isn’t much of an issue yet not knowing what to blog about is a bit of a problem. So As I reflect it occurs to me that I am to be blogging on the plans and aims for my groups project as well as writing about general information within one of the books, so without further adieu I shall attempt to visit both topics in basic form,

As the group project states my group is looking to improve upon the CF&I mining information found digitally on scaler. This information in general can be enhanced through perhaps categorization of what was the primary mineral taken from each mine as well as the years of operation appearing in an overlay upon the map allowing to differentiate what mines were in operation through what years, as well as which minerals were claimed from each. This will allow a better organization of information, as well as the implementation of different graphical enhancements to older maps and potentially the addition of pictures of the mines present day locations. This information as well as possible other additional ideas are all to be talked over and discussed Thursday 9/10/2015 at the Steel Works Archives.


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