Clio-wired Should Historical Scholarship Be Free?

In this chapter, Rosenzweig details the argument over the free online publication of Historical scholarship verses the general application of capitalism. Of course the argument details the value of free access of information and the greater ease of access provided for by the internet, One of the primary arguments Rosenzweig presents for the continued existence of historical journals in paper and pay-per-view formats happens to be the general exclusivity of the work as a peer reviewed article, but also for the amount of money generated through the publications there of. He argues this side noting that the American Historical Association that often provides grants operates generally upon the Taxpayers dime. However that argument as Rosenzweig himself points out pushes towards a greater need for freedom of historical scholarship publication and access. However Rosenzweig does seem to push towards a general equivalence of both sides towards the end of the article attempting to seem unbiased however throughout the piece it is clear that he believes that historical Scholarship should be free and open to anyone to access it.


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