Well this week as I have improved all of the maps I have pulled from the archive, I plan to stop by the archive and pull the rest of the map files from the computers.  Although some of the maps do have secondary mines on some of them that i may cut out of the original maps and attempt to upload them. Specifically On the Maxwell Land grant Maps. So I should be at the archive on Tuesday around 3:30pm. While there I will attempt to see about locating a few maps that have not been digitized as well as seeing why Chris never responds to my email requests.



This week is essentially going to be more of the same attempting to shrink and enhance maps for optimal visual appearance while retaining as close to original authenticity and clarity in a smaller spectrum. Presently I have about 15 maps completed but more to go that will need to be picked up at the archive and then looking for maps of mines that are not already digitized. That paired with looking at what pictures Trevor has pulled up and seeing if they can be enhanced or cut down to fit better on the various mine pages. Aside from that I think that the general layout of the pages is working but I want to play around more with attempting to alternate which side the images and text appears as there is an option however so far that option is not working properly.


This week will be set to cutting and reworking even more maps while also looking for histories on a few mines to help bolster the general information on a few of the secondary mines within the wiki. cutting the various map images that are presently accessible will be taking up the majority of the time with the cutting and enhancing. Following the full collection of Maps from the archives digital archives I will be attempting to help Chris locate the missing mine maps that need to be digitized.


This weeks plan is to complete the template page for Primero and hit the archive to get better digital copies of the maps to enhance and crop. Then uploading them to the scaler site and looking into what Chris has dug up when it comes to Oral histories to apply to the Primero Template page. After that there will be the continued cutting of other maps and enhancing them. Following the digital reworking of the original map files and enhancement to make sure they are clearly visible will be finding alternative ways to implement the audio files of oral histories, for the mines we already have at the archive. Then looking into the pictures Trevor was able to pull and seeing if they can be touched up and potentially connected to the map images.