This week I am planning on looking into digging up more maps and potentially reworking some if not all of the maps again to make them appear even prettier, if not making them more legible at smaller resolutions. the Core problems come really on the point of aesthetics however where in does a map look better when it has the aged yellow color of paper or when it looks clean and new ? This is a problem for me as I like both but i think the cleaner appearance may in fact make the maps easier to read and might fit better with the general appearance of the site in general. I Also plan to visit the archive on Thursday if I can get Megan and Trevor to come with me as I cannot seem to get in contact with Chris at any time. There are some maps missing from the collections I have grabbed that are evidenced upon CF&I’s Archive web page but were not in the networks collections I have transfered which bugs me significantly.



Week of 11/23/15

This week I plan to put together a few assignments for Matuziak then to meet up with my family members who are in state for an over large dinner. Beyond that I have put up all the maps I have available presently and will need to visit the archive the following week to get some maps that were unrecoverable from the hard drive that needed resurrection. However I have redone 23 maps and uploaded them.


This week I have already started off with a bit of a massive headache when it comes to the maps. The hard drive that I posted all the files from the archive to, decided to throw a meltdown of its own, preventing me from accessing the last batch. I have since attempted to contact my group members via Slack to no avail, and Chris didn’t respond to my last email. So I started on reconstructing the hard drive and was able after 14 hours of recovering files from the drive able to reclaim the files and move them to a more stable drive. After having done that I will now progress into clipping and highlighting the maps for easier visibility¬†in a smaller file format of JPG instead of Tiff. Thats all the news for the week.



Week of 11/9/2015

This week I will start gathering information to fill out the history on The New Castle Mine. Following that I will continue my enhancement of the Map collection we have collected and then placing them into the site. The plan in general will be to help fill out the the site with the information we can gather. Other than that my plan is to continue with the map work, and checking to see about template alteration. Just keep hammering my head against the wall through the monotony of uploading .

The week of 11/2/15

This week I will be hammering out the next set of maps I was able to pull from the Archive last week. Each Map will need to be duplicated then have each color copied and then pasted on top of the original and then each one needs to be enhanced. The set of maps should help to easily round out the needed minimum requirement. Essentially the map work following the previous steps on the earlier maps should allow the process to move much more smoothly. The greatest irritation I can look forward too will be the problem of micro-sizing the fonts on the original maps. That is of course assuming it doesn’t drive me insane…