The Week of 2/25/16


This week seems to be a week of waiting. I am presently waiting for Trevor and Chris to complete the map scanning and photograph uploads that I need to continue the work I have started. While I wait however I will continue to add information concerning various mines and histories. The main concern I am presently harboring happens to be the sound cloud concept when it comes to the audio file upload that Tim will be starting in on. As I can assist him with reading through transcripts and choosing the audio selections to upload while I wait. Unlike Austin whom I have no clue how to help if I even can. GIS is well beyond my scope of knowledge presently. I also will need to look into additional Employment cards to add to the original ten mines that were done last semester to see if I can furnish them in a clear and viable format, and see how many we have to work with for the other mines. After Class last week I went to the archive and looked through multiple maps looking for the ones I would like digitized first. In the Hunt we found a few maps of Bokoshe which I didn’t expect but no maps of Allen Mine which shocked myself and Chris. I am also waiting for more Fatalgrams to be scanned in that I can alter and upload to the site itself and apply to their various mines. While I wait I will continue to compile lists of the items I need Chris and his minions to locate and scan in as the original list was only 20 maps and 28 photographs as a bare-minimum  to complete the general flow of the site. The lack of any photographs and maps so far has not become a reality, yet  with Allen Mine which operated for nearly 40 years I fear the potential of missing or misfiled documents breaking the uniformity of layouts. Sadly this week however I wont be able to meet down at the archives as Chris wont be in. I have however started to  enter in the Data for the Crested Butte Mine and the Maxwell Mine.



Week of 2/18/2016



This week I have uniformed all the pages I can presently on the site (image headers for every page with at least one image, Standardized all the pictures I have seen load to medium size, changed or added in the tonnage and years that Megan has passed on to me, I’m continuing to research what I can about the various mines outside of Mill & Mine and the white book whose name constantly escapes me.  Also added the Utah section that Megan has shown on her version, even found a picture for one of the iron mines. I also have finalized uploading the history, pictures and accident report for the Morley Mine which will act as our template page on the site. Most Pictures required some small level of editing from cropping to improving the contrast or tone.  I have also gone through and made sure all maps that have been done in the past are displaying upon the site even with the upload size limit that Scalar has downgraded too. I did end up having to redo 4 maps and upload them off site to photobucket at present for display purposes only until Chris and I can set up a folder on the Steelworks of the West’s server. I have also gone through and checked each pages photo collections and uploaded about 40 pictures that were not on the scalar for other mines and have added the history to Allen mine as well. I have added some information I have found concerning the Mcnally mine particularly about the second reign of terror strike that burned down most of the camp at the site. Other than that I have uploaded a background image to the alphabetical listing to make it look like you are entering a mine. I have also worked on writing up the pitch based off of last semesters pitch to show and add to what has been done in the past, but am currently waiting for Tim or Austin to add to the brief outline of their work to the list.

Week of 2/10/16


This week, I have started on revamping the general format of the site. This includes breaking the Mines down into categories by state and then into county. This will help with easier use and helping those who visit the site to narrow down searches for mines in which family members may have worked if they know the general location. I Also changed up the Chronological set up, and instead of having it break down into 3 subsets broken apart by 12 years for the first two and 78 years for the last I broke them down into decades . This will also help in making the site easier to use for general research purposes. I have kept the Alphabetical list however I removed a sub category that was listed under it. I have also been able to add the title banner I worked on last semester to help give the site a bit more in the way of appearance. Austin is currently working on working with GIS to attempt to better build a replacement for he google maps or a means through which to enhance them. I have also been fighting with the Path set up as it is not showing the full path layouts anywhere on site so far, and the reclassification set up has broken most of the google map sections that were in existence prior too. This week I hope that Austin, Tim, Trevor, Chris and I can discuss what we want to do with the addition of accident reports , however that is something I am not sure how to add in as of yet.  However it will permit the me to get the access to the Steelworks of the West website to create a hidden directory where we can upload and redirect the images too the Scaler . I also plan to ask Chris for a few pictures into Mine shafts to be uploaded so I can make a better boarder than the golden  metal boarder that Trevor added. Beyond that I invited Megan to the meeting on Thursday so I can ask her about some sources for information she had that seem incongruent with what i have located thus far, and she has offered to let me see what she has done concerning Iron Mines that we might be able to add to the site as it is.

The First Meeting



Today, I meet with Aj, and Tim, Chris, and Trevor, and we discussed the general problems with the original format of the site, as well as ideas of how to improve the stylization of the present site. Trevor got Aj and Tim set up on scaler. So Far its looking like we might be expanding the site more than I initially believed would be prudent but we shall see. There was discussion of adding accident reports to the site as well as seeing how and if we can streamline and uniform the appearances of all the pages in a general manner.