The First Meeting



Today, I meet with Aj, and Tim, Chris, and Trevor, and we discussed the general problems with the original format of the site, as well as ideas of how to improve the stylization of the present site. Trevor got Aj and Tim set up on scaler. So Far its looking like we might be expanding the site more than I initially believed would be prudent but we shall see. There was discussion of adding accident reports to the site as well as seeing how and if we can streamline and uniform the appearances of all the pages in a general manner.


2 responses to “The First Meeting

  1. 1. You’re not exactly telling me what you’ll be doing this semester here, are you?
    2. I’m going to invite Trevor and Chris in just a second.
    3. If you want to improve appearances, get off Scalar 2. Last time I checked there’s only one theme.

    • Well I suppose I was being a bit vague. Specifically we discussed filling in the pages that are not ready yet as well as improving the visibility aspect to make the site appear uniform in design. As for the theme aspect that is editable through html and Css, which is on the check list to see how to make the site appear less bland. We discussed organization of how to set up the site as well , and the potential addition of accident reports such as adding scans of the sketches of the accidents. and seeing if we can add those to a general accident/disaster aspect to the mining while still focusing on the mines themselves. Other than that so far the plan remains to fill whats left to the best of our ability which is so far looking like we want to at minimum complete another 10 mine pages while redeveloping the layout of the sites directories. As for me personally so far I have worked on setting up the directories in a more straightforward layout as in Mines by state>Mines by County. As Well as setting up Chronological formats for the pages by decade instead of the random form they were in before. I will also be working on Images and Maps once we have set up a hidden directory on Steelworks of the West main site for a location to drop the maps for implimentation on to the site.

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