Week of 2/18/2016



This week I have uniformed all the pages I can presently on the site (image headers for every page with at least one image, Standardized all the pictures I have seen load to medium size, changed or added in the tonnage and years that Megan has passed on to me, I’m continuing to research what I can about the various mines outside of Mill & Mine and the white book whose name constantly escapes me.  Also added the Utah section that Megan has shown on her version, even found a picture for one of the iron mines. I also have finalized uploading the history, pictures and accident report for the Morley Mine which will act as our template page on the site. Most Pictures required some small level of editing from cropping to improving the contrast or tone.  I have also gone through and made sure all maps that have been done in the past are displaying upon the site even with the upload size limit that Scalar has downgraded too. I did end up having to redo 4 maps and upload them off site to photobucket at present for display purposes only until Chris and I can set up a folder on the Steelworks of the West’s server. I have also gone through and checked each pages photo collections and uploaded about 40 pictures that were not on the scalar for other mines and have added the history to Allen mine as well. I have added some information I have found concerning the Mcnally mine particularly about the second reign of terror strike that burned down most of the camp at the site. Other than that I have uploaded a background image to the alphabetical listing to make it look like you are entering a mine. I have also worked on writing up the pitch based off of last semesters pitch to show and add to what has been done in the past, but am currently waiting for Tim or Austin to add to the brief outline of their work to the list.


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