The Week of 2/25/16


This week seems to be a week of waiting. I am presently waiting for Trevor and Chris to complete the map scanning and photograph uploads that I need to continue the work I have started. While I wait however I will continue to add information concerning various mines and histories. The main concern I am presently harboring happens to be the sound cloud concept when it comes to the audio file upload that Tim will be starting in on. As I can assist him with reading through transcripts and choosing the audio selections to upload while I wait. Unlike Austin whom I have no clue how to help if I even can. GIS is well beyond my scope of knowledge presently. I also will need to look into additional Employment cards to add to the original ten mines that were done last semester to see if I can furnish them in a clear and viable format, and see how many we have to work with for the other mines. After Class last week I went to the archive and looked through multiple maps looking for the ones I would like digitized first. In the Hunt we found a few maps of Bokoshe which I didn’t expect but no maps of Allen Mine which shocked myself and Chris. I am also waiting for more Fatalgrams to be scanned in that I can alter and upload to the site itself and apply to their various mines. While I wait I will continue to compile lists of the items I need Chris and his minions to locate and scan in as the original list was only 20 maps and 28 photographs as a bare-minimum  to complete the general flow of the site. The lack of any photographs and maps so far has not become a reality, yet  with Allen Mine which operated for nearly 40 years I fear the potential of missing or misfiled documents breaking the uniformity of layouts. Sadly this week however I wont be able to meet down at the archives as Chris wont be in. I have however started to  enter in the Data for the Crested Butte Mine and the Maxwell Mine.



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