The Week of 3/3/2016



This past week I have completed the histories of the Crested Butte, and Maxwell Mines and updated them. I also hunted down more pictures tilted them to be as squared as possible, and cut off the white edges from the earlier scanning. After adjusting the tilt and cropping the pictures I did a saturation and contrast alteration to make the pictures pop a bit more, and uploaded them. I also created two pages for Austin and Tim to play on on scalar so that they can become accustomed to the often clunky nature of the sites set up. Both pages are currently located under the Arizona state file tree location, as presently there are no identified mines in that tree. I  also plan to forward the blog  address that Dr. Rees left me to Tim. Aside from that I need to talk to Tim and Austin about their blogs. Other than that I plan to visit the archive on Thursday after class to see if I can pull some audio files and get started on the audio file cropping unless Tim has started on it. outside of that I need to check on the Map scanning and digitizing that Chris said he would get Trevor working on. Beyond that I will need to pull more research materials on other mines so that we can at least get the ten histories in place before worrying about the attachment of the audio files. In addition I plan to continue to pull and edit photos from the steelworks of the west archive and upload them to the proper mine pages with the hopeful effect of proving each page with an optimistic 6 photos a piece, which for some mines is all but a pipe dream.


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