The week of 3/10/2016


This week I have only added the histories and edited photographs to the Brookside and Berwind mines. I also have hunted for pictures to add to the pages to help space out the appearance of the histories. Most of the pictures are at the end of a very long cue presently. As I was able to get a collection of 500 employment cards from Chris and have been trying to make them even and cut out the background, while keeping them legible.  So far they have started to come around but the time for edits on one seem to be around 5 minutes a piece on the easy ones where the employee signed in pen, the ones in pencil average around 15 minutes and even then are not as legible as I would prefer. However the employment cards I have completed 17 so far, and plan to work on more. I was not able to get to the archive last Thursday due to a migraine, but will stop by this week, after I have completed the paper required for Philpott. After I complete the paper I will be digging through everything I have gotten my hands on to complete another list of information I need to compile to properly set the site up for usability beyond the structure


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