The Week of 4/8/2016


This week I am working on completing the general histories for 3 mines to fill them out as best as possible. Those mines being Pictou, Frederick, and Jokerville. I also have been listening endlessly to audio recordings to find where I need to cut each of them before I even attempt to upload them to soundcloud. Although with Tim leaving the class most of the progress already made did not suffer, the requirements that were enumerated with in the proposal placed upon him must fall to me, with Austin being incommunicado.  I have been working to locate precisely where in each audio file the required information (mine name dropping occurs, and then how long after that point o we switch topics where I can cut out or fade out. I have been able to add an audio file to the Allen mine presently but still expect more to do as some of the files are larger than I seem able to convert or cut. I have requested more information from Chris on Pictou so that I can add to what I put in last week and have found at least one picture I can upload to joker although it needs some serious clean up as it is a picture of a memorial placard naming those who died in the accident. I am also expecting to have a meeting with Dr. Rees this Thursday afternoon at the archive to go over I expect what has been done and what can be done before the final publication of the site and what will have to be left at the wayside.


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