The Week of April 14th 2016


This week is the required project readiness post, so hang on to your hats. The first obstruction to being at 100% completion has been the loss of Tim and Austins lack of response over the last few weeks, in spite of those losses the project is in general terms  is presently around 85-90%  completed according to the proposal. What that means in specifics follows. The restructuring of the directories and uniformity aspect of individual pages has been completed. Of the 10 expected mine histories nine have been completed with a 10th expected to be hammered out this weekend. All photographs uploaded by the myself have been enhanced, cropped and had a citation added to them referencing back to the Steelworks of the West Archive. New maps and reworked maps have been uploaded to the site and linked into their proper pages from last semester and this semesters as well where applicable. Presently 3 audio clips of the Scamhorn interviews have been added to three distinct mines, with other audio recordings converted into mp3 formats for cutting this weekend, and then adding to soundcloud and adding the player to the bottom of each page. Completion of the loading of 3 Fatalgrams incorporation into the site has occurred with the minor problem of two being located on one mine.  The incorporation of a new GIS system so far has not been implemented to my knowledge at present and I have not received word from Austin on any aspect of that feature.


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