Misery Thy Name is Microsoft

This Week I have been working on recovering my primary hard drive for my tower. I had to miss the second tools class on the 3rd because I am using my laptop to run scans on the hard drive to attempt to recover somewhere around 400 gigs of data from it, including quite a few programs that I cannot get back without loosing a lot of money. This was all possible because of Microsofts constant pushing for Windows 10. I installed windows 10 and essentially learned rather quickly I wanted to go back to my pretty windows 7, but 10 wouldn’t let me. So I attempted to migrate the data from the drive C to drives  F, H, and G. However Windows reformatted not only C when it attempted to install but also D, and E. This caused me to loose a whole bloody lot of information and presently the scan is claiming it will take another seventy one hours to complete, I bloody hate Microsoft.


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